Hello my name is Karin.

It’s my goal to create images that convey authentic moments and raw emotions in a beautiful and artful way.

We can plan an adventure at the top of a mountain or we can hang out in the intimacy of your own home – wherever your life and loved ones are, whatever stage of life you are in, I’d love to capture you where you are.

And if you wanted to know a little about me, here is the backstory. I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember but I never considered it for a career.

My father owned and operated an ethnic newspaper and encouraged me to take an active role in the emerging technologies at his newspaper. Working at his small business, I learned desktop publishing, advertising design and website development and design and I learned how to manage a small business’ IT needs. In the meantime, I was completing my post secondary education: a Business Management diploma and a Computer Information Systems diploma. For there I went on to have a career as a website developer and a web team manager commuting to Vancouver daily.

I became pregnant and in 2007, we had a beautiful baby boy, Noah. It sounds cliché but my life changed forever. I didn’t know how to be a stay-at-home mom. I needed something to occupy my time between naps and diaper changes. So I studied. I studied photography. I took a workshop. I read a pile of books. I joined some small forums. And I practised and I posted my work and I asked for critique. Pretty soon people were asking me to photograph their families and weddings. I have had amazing years in business and I have had tough years in business. But I ALWAYS always give 100% to my clients and to my work.

Fast facts about me: child of God, mom of 4, wife to a good man, only child with 9 sibling-in-laws, coffee lover, born and raised in the PNW, residing in Abbotsford, BC Canada.

This website is the place where you can find images from the most recent photo sessions and all the way back to my early days as a photographer. Occasionally I also share photos of my personal life.

To get in contact with me you can:
phone. 604.309.3923
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