Mark & Michelle » Abbotsford Wedding Photographer


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All vendors involved in Mark & Michelle’s wedding day:
Second photographer: My dear friend and awesome photographer Kristy Klaassen
Ceremony Venue: Gateway Christian Reformed Church
Reception Venue: Abbotsford Banquet & Conference Center
Hair Stylist: Heather Gelderman
Make Up: Chantelle Arends
Catering: Abbotsford Banquet & Conference Centre
Florist: Susan Vaandrager from Vaandrager Nurseries
Cake: Aunt
DJ: Abbotsford Banquet & Conference Center
Photo booth: Mark’s family did it all!



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  • Sylvia Sevenhuysen - Absolutely beautiful photographs! There are some classics that deserve to be framed and shown in their home for decades to come.ReplyCancel

  • Audrey Beukers Leyenhorst - Amazing photos Karin! Works of art!ReplyCancel