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Abbotsford Lifestyle Maternity Photography

It seems like every time I photograph this family, we have less and less of a plan.

Location. I suggested their newly renovated home. Their kitchen. Baking something?

Timing. Um. Well. We both had tomorrow morning available. If we squeeeeezed it in early enough, maybe our husbands would not be TOO grumpy about wasting a gorgeous sunshiney Saturday morning on photos.

Pancakes for breakfast!

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We drove around the block to find some blossoms. This year has been such an incredible year for blossoms!

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Across the road from the blossoms was this location.


April 26, 2016 - 5:07 am

Taylor Douma - I love Evan’s expressions! You are so beautiful Leesh <3

April 26, 2016 - 8:15 am

Jogé Pontier - Wat een super mooie foto’s !!!

Rick & Jaclyn » Langley Wedding Photographer

The day started at Jaclyn’s parents home in Langley. Earlier in the month, Jaclyn and her family lost her mother to a 2-year long battle with cancer. Emotions were raw as memories flooded back. There were many special touches and precious keepsakes that made Caroline a part of the wedding day: a quilt made by one of Jaclyn’s aunts when Caroline began her journey with cancer – all the children’s and grandchildren’s names are stitched on the perimeter, Jaclyn wore jewellery belonging to Caroline. On the wedding day, Bill wore Caroline’s wedding rings close to his heart.

While there were moments of grief and sadness, there was many more moments of joy. Rick and Jaclyn are clearly crazy about each other and could not wait to be married and start their life together. Check out the photos, you’ll see!

01-1V0C8795 02-1V0C8773+83 03-1V0C8752-bw 04-1V0C8791-bw 05-1V0C8827 06-1V0C8841 07-1V0C8853 08-1V0C8867

09-1V0C8883 10-1V0C8888 11-1V0C8894 12-1V0C8899 13-1V0C8919 14-1V0C8925

The first look. It was so sweet!

15-1V0C8937 16-1V0C8941 17-1V0C8961 18-1V0C8965 19-1V0C8984 20-1V0C9103 21-1V0C9120 22-1V0C9182 23-1V0C9205 24-1V0C9225 25-1V0C9236 26-1V0C9253 27-1V0C9301 28-1V0C9328 29-1V0C9347 30-1V0C9480 31-1V0C9493 32-1V0C9504 33-1V0C9520 34-1V0C9529 35-1V0C9577 36-1V0C9597 37-1V0C9603 38-1V0C9639 39-1V0C9652 40-1V0C9728+24 41-1V0C9757 42-1V0C9769 43-1V0C9790+73 44-1V0C9796 45-1V0C9834 46-1V0C9859 47-1V0C9912 48-1V0C9944 49-1V0C0098 50-1V0C0106 51-1V0C0124 52-1V0C0132 53-1V0C0213-bw

The lighting in the church was perfect. The sun was shining a spotlight on the bride. 54-1V0C0251-bw

Made for some dramatic photos!

55-1V0C0254-bw 56-1V0C0264-bw 57-1V0C0276 58-1V0C0380 59-1V0C0442 60-1V0C0535

64-1V0C0713 65-1V0C0720 66-1V0C0732 67-1V0C0748 68-1V0C0754 69-1V0C0767

Langley Golf and Banquet never looked better!

61-Untitled-1 62-1V0C0617 63-1V0C0610

70-1V0C0786 71-1V0C0797 72-1V0C0807

Rick & Jaclyn, it was such an honour to photograph your day and witness your love and commitment to one another. God bless.

April 21, 2016 - 4:24 am

Andrea Devisser - Just… tears… wow!!! What a gorgeous day. Karin you captured it so perfectly, even though I couldn’t be there in person.. through these photos I feel able to share in the day, just a little bit better. Love you Jaclyn. xoxo

April 21, 2016 - 4:34 am

Charlene Stam - Ya, I’ll admit.. I cried seeing the photos of Caroline in the background of the getting ready photos. Looks like they had an incredible day! They’re blessed to have had you capture it, Karin! Such gorgeous photos, as always ♥

April 21, 2016 - 5:22 am

Lynette Vandergaag - I echo Andrea’s sentiments… You captured the whole day perfectly. These photos are a perfect representation of their day. Loved having you take the photos, your easygoing nature made it so fun and light, and you still got all the shots. Love them all.

April 21, 2016 - 7:25 am

Audrey Beukers Leyenhorst - All of the photos’ are amazing -but the one that caught my breath, was the one with Bill hugging Jaclyn before the wedding. Tears – of happinesies and sadness – something photography can and should caputre – you did it. Amazing.

April 21, 2016 - 2:01 pm

Jaclyn Dykstra - Thanks for capturing our special day Karin! You always do such an amazing job!so many emotions through those pictures!

April 22, 2016 - 4:30 am

Martin Susan Onderwater - fabulous photos, Karin!!!

Breukelman Extended Family » Cultus Lake Family Photographer

The last photo session of 2015. It was cold and wintry and beautiful with fresh snow on the mountains and crisp blue skies.
1V0C5130 1V0C5140 1V0C5165 1V0C5192 1V0C5232 1V0C5254
1V0C5276 1V0C5277 1V0C5321 1V0C5327 1V0C5345 1V0C5362 1V0C5386 1V0C5412 1V0C5436

1V0C5064 1V0C5500 1V0C5535

Full sun is quite bright.

1V0C5573 1V0C5588

Gorgeous right?


And super cool as an upside down reflection. For sure a personal favourite of mine.


That’s Mount Cheam in the background.

1V0C5642 1V0C5648 1V0C5653 1V0C5656

I’m so glad that these worked… I was shooting ‘blind’ and guessing where the focus would fall. 1V0C5673 1V0C5689

Everyone was quite cold so we went inside to take some more photos. Six grandchildren in 2 years. 1V0C5718

The women out number the men.

1V0C5757 1V0C5765 1V0C5793 1V0C5805

These candids were fun to capture at the end.

1V0C5825bw 1V0C5839bw 1V0C5847bw 1V0C5852bw 1V0C5863bw 1V0C5874bw

January 10, 2016 - 1:09 am

Audrey Beukers Leyenhorst - beuatiful pictures Karin!

Raap Family » Aldergrove Family Photographer

It was a frosty Saturday morning. A little bit cold but the kids still rolled around in the soft grasses. I love this park. I am still discovering new favorite locations and fun tricks like spots with crystal clear echoes. Thank you Raap Family for choosing me to capture your family!
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