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    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. This is the place where you can check out some of my favorite images and get a little peek into my world.

    If this is your first visit to my blog, I am a Langley, BC Canada based wedding and portrait photographer. I absolutely love, love, love what I do and feel so blessed to be able to capture so many special moments in the lives of so many amazing people.

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Al + Tanya » Langley Family Photographer

It was so lovely to get this family in front of my camera again! Tanya and I became mothers in the same year and spent those early years of motherhood enjoying many coffee dates and play dates and zoo visits. She scoped out these locations at Campbell Valley in Langley and they did not disappoint! She also really wanted some more romantic photos of her and Al. Al was a great sport and we chuckled a bit as we photographed these romantic moments while their 4 small children were running amuck.

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Kevin + Kendra » Fort Langley Family Photographer

We had hoped for that golden sunshine hour session but the sun sorta disappeared as I was driving to Fort Langley. And it ended up to be a bit of a race against the light. This fun loving family used to be our neighbours (sniff) and we definitely miss being able to pop over or just a quick front yard chit chat. I gotta say, I’m even more sad that we now have little girls the same age because how much fun would that be?!

Speaking of that little Rory. The older kids just adore her and well, she is so cute! check it out!

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Klaassen Family » Abbotsford Family Photographer

Kristy and I were chatting about our own upcoming session with Kristy and she casually asked if I could take her family photos – like tonight at a cool urban location, like Highstreet. So that kind of short notice didn’t QUITE work, but 2 evenings later we did manage to get this done! She wanted something totally different and modern. We did escalators, concrete and glass backdrops and the parkade. At the end, the kids pulled out the ripsticks which was a perfect way to end the session! Check it out!

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Len & Char » Abbotsford Family Photographer

Between babies and busy seasons, Char and I have discussed family photos several times and it just hasn’t worked in the past! Finally, we were able to get some family photos done! It’s a little nerve wracking taking another professional photographers photos especially one as talented and wonderful as Char, but they were game for anything and an easy going and relaxed bunch. 🙂 Check out their gorgeous family!!!


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