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Vanderploeg Extended Family Session » Surrey Family Photographer

We started out the session with a couple of snowflakes. I didn’t even realize that snow was a possibility! We ended the session with blizzard-like snowfall. You’ll see. All I can say is that I am thankful that it wasn’t rain, because that would have been torrential downpour!

I’m loving shooting all these extended family sessions! And just for photography’s sake, I’d love to order some more snow!

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Al + Tanya » Langley Family Photographer

It was so lovely to get this family in front of my camera again! Tanya and I became mothers in the same year and spent those early years of motherhood enjoying many coffee dates and play dates and zoo visits. She scoped out these locations at Campbell Valley in Langley and they did not disappoint! She also really wanted some more romantic photos of her and Al. Al was a great sport and we chuckled a bit as we photographed these romantic moments while their 4 small children were running amuck.

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